Why Contributions are needed

Although the Marine Community Library is a collaborative effort that includes MarLA, the city of Marine on St. Croix, and Washington County, MarLA sustains all operating expenses outside of the City and County contributions. (The city provides space in the town hall, internet access, and electricity.)
Operating expenses include:
•    Furnishings and paint
•    Marine Community Library collection software
•    Volunteer scheduling website
•    Cleaning services
•    Programming and events
•    Permanent book collection
•    Various administrative materials
•    Newspaper and magazine subscriptions


What about the Jordan bequest?

The Jordan Bequest was left to Washington County by Elizabeth Jordan in 2001 for the benefit of the Marine Library. Requests to draw on the bequest must be approved by the City of Marine, which would then take that request to Washington County for consideration. Washington County is legally responsible to oversee and administer the funds of the bequest.


 Make a contribution


Contribute through our yearly silent auction. You can peruse and bid on the listings, starting September 4. The auction closes October 14.


All donations to the Marine Community Library must go through MarLA. Please mail donations to:

Marine Library Association
PO Box 85
Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047

When you send your contribution, please note if you want to be anonymous. You can request a budget by emailing info@marinelibrary.org.

Thank you for making a difference in our community!